Photo editing with Artistic Filter (Dry Brush)

This Tutorial was made by Marianne one of the CT members of NBK Design and was a technique challenge at oscraps

- First the preparation of the photo with the filter(s) on it.
- And second the Blending/painting of (parts) from that photo back in with a Layermask.
Note in this tutorial I worked with CS6! (So that is what you are going to see on the screenshots) I know that if you have the latest versions of PSE you can follow it too! I will give you some info after the Photoshop tutorial so you can work with it too!

To get a kind of inky/grungy effect like this I used the Dry Brush from the Artistic Filters in the Filter menu.

So open up your photo in a new document in Photoshop! Look at the photo you are going to use! Note don’t use a photo with a low resolution, or a very busy unclear photo. I used a portret photo with no distractions behind it! I made a Smart Object from my photo (rightclick on the layer-Convert to Smart Object) , I did that to be able to go back later and change anything in the settings if needed! It is an option but you don’t have do to that if you never work with Smart Objects!

Go to filters-Filter Gallery - Dry Brush.
Go to the sliders on the right and play with the values until you get the best result for your photo! Best is to zoom in and see your results!

Then go to select all, or Ctrl A on the selected layer to select the whole canvas. You can see the marching ants around your canvas! Now we are going to copy the selection, Ctrl C and then we will create a new Folder and a layermask to it.

Alt click on the layermask so we can enter the layermask and we are going to paste the selection we made= Ctrl V. That will turn it into Black and White.

This photo needs a bit of contrast (more Black and White) Go to Image- Adjustments-Curves = Ctrl M.
Go into the input and move the sliders. The black to the right to darken and the White to the left to brighten. Don’t be afraid to get a dramatic contrast for an artsy effect here!

Now we are going to invert that layermask= Ctrl I.

[COLOR=red]Be sure that your layermask/paintlayer is in the group/folder![/COLOR]
Uncheck the colored photo under this layer so we don’t see it anymore.
Now we are going to paint with Black on this White layermask to blend the photo back in. So we can use any Black stamp or brush to reveal parts of the photo! ( Tip if you want something that’s colored in NBK collections for this then you can convert it to black before using it here and save it in the folder) you can use black brushes, masks, fonts etc for this.

Just open the file and place it you can transform and rotate and replace it, make it smaller, and move it all over your canvas. You can even copy them and use them twice. You can open several new (black)files and play with them until you get a result you like. The result will depend on what you will use for this. An inky stamp will give an inky effect, some grunge a grungy effect. With text you get a great effect too!

Now with this done you can build up your page! Leave it Black and White or ad some colors with papers or embellishments! You still have the original colored photo to work with too! That’s all up to you! So many possibilities to make an artsy page with this base!
I started adding some color here to build up my page!

As I promised for the PSE version: It works a bit more simple and you can't group anything or use a folder, but you can make use of some artsy brushes for the coolest results, painted in on a layermask.
I can't show you the screenshots since I don't have PSE on my computer but I think you can follow this very easily:

1 Open main image in PSE and place it above a paper background. Desaturate the image (CTRL+SHIFT+U) Use Levels to give the photo some dramatic contrasting.
2. On the image layer, CTRL+ Click on the thumbnail view in the layers palette OR just press CTRL+A - this selects the image and will place marching ants around it.
3. Still working on the desaturated image layer, go to Filter>Filter Gallery and apply the filter. (See the photoshop tutorial)
4.Copy the photolayer
5.Add a layermask filled with black. (You can copy this layer a couple of time to have more brush options on a seperate layer)
6. Start painting with white and use artsy brushes for a cool result

And here is my finished page:

I used the NBK Art and Journal and Focus Collection to make this page

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