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NBK Technique Challenge Shadows

Hi scrappers,

every week one of the CT members of  NBK Design hosts a challenge at oscraps:
Last week we had a technique challenge, hosted by Marianne , and she made a great tutorial.

As you can see here I extracted the player and made him looking as he came out of the paper. Important for that was the shadow technique. But also the lower parts of him being a sketch and the brushes layered under him contributed to the effect here.
So for this week I want you to try to make a kind of 3D looking effect on your page. Using some shadow, layering, or photo treatment like a sketch as I did on my page! You don’t have to do all 3 of them. Just try to focus on giving some depth in your page.
To help you I have some screenshots of the process while my layout. I work in CS6 but I know this can be done in PSE too.
 I have a photo with a solid background so my extraction work is pretty easy. After making a duplicate of the photo (never forget) I select the Magic Wand tool and click on the W…