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Hi scrappers,

every week one of the CT members of  NBK Design hosts a challenge at oscraps:
Last week we had a technique challenge, hosted by Marianne , and she made a great tutorial.

As you can see here I extracted the player and made him looking as he came out of the paper. Important for that was the shadow technique. But also the lower parts of him being a sketch and the brushes layered under him contributed to the effect here.
So for this week I want you to try to make a kind of 3D looking effect on your page. Using some shadow, layering, or photo treatment like a sketch as I did on my page! You don’t have to do all 3 of them. Just try to focus on giving some depth in your page.
To help you I have some screenshots of the process while my layout. I work in CS6 but I know this can be done in PSE too.

 I have a photo with a solid background so my extraction work is pretty easy. After making a duplicate of the photo (never forget) I select the Magic Wand tool and click on the White. You see it selected a great part of the photo. For the inside white parts of the player I can use the Quick Selection Tool and substract from the selection. There are other ways to do it. Anika showed an extraction in her Challenge too!
Link tutorial Anika
I copied the extraction to a new layer. I duplicated it because I want to a phototreatment on one layer and have a copy for my shadow making. I made a sketch from the first photo layer. There are many tutorials on the net to find on doing a sketch, and I believe PSE even has it in the Guided or Create section. There are actions and plugins that can do the trick too.

I used a layermask as you can see in the photo to erase the sketch part of the other copy of the photo.

 Now you can focus on the shadow. You can make a drop shadow and create a new layer from the shadow Fx in Photoshop. For PSE you can copy your selection and fill it with a dark (brown) color so you have your shadow layer under the extracted photo. I only used a shadow in the top part of the photo for this coming out of the sketch effect

When you have your shadow on its own layer you can give it a (Gaussian) blur. And then we are going to warp it. Go to the Transform Tool Ctrl T click on the handle to get the options and go to the warp mode. Now you can warp your shadow with the handles dragging them out the way you want to.
 Now with the base for the page ready, I wanted to save this for later use on my layout so I made a PNG of this because I wanted to layer all kinds of things under it and a JPEG would have that white background that makes that more difficult.
So from that point you can add your papers, brushes, elements, and build your page up!
I placed the PNG in a new document and layered all my elements for the composition in. I kept in mind here that I wanted to keep the shadow visible and worked the theme Sketch a bit out.

And this was my page

 electric youth by NBK Design
pic ingimage


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