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3 D Alpha and Elements for Photoshop Part 1


Tutorial Torn Paper and Text


I made this tutorial for you to show how to make a torn paper with text.

1. Open a new document, size 3600x3600 and fill it with black
2. Create a new layer and fill it with white

 3. Go to filter –noise- add noise.
 Make the amount about 20 %, Gaussian and Monochromatic
 4. Go again to filter – Blur –Gaussian Blur.
Make the Radius about 5 px
5. Pres CTRl or CMD + B to open the color balance. Slide the yellow to about – 50
6. Open your lasso tool, go to one side of your document and draw a unregular line to the other side and continue drawing around the document until it connects with the starting point
7. Click on the layer mask button which creates a layer mask on your paper texture
 8. Go to Filter Gallery – Brush strokes – Spatter. Choose about 25 for the spray radius and 15 for the smoothness 9. Make a copy of this layer, CTRL or CMD + J
10. Press CTRL or CMD + L to open the levels window and slide the input midtones to 0.65 and the output highlights to 244
 11. Ope…