3 D Alpha and Elements for Photoshop Part 1

3 D Alpha and Elements for Photoshop Part 1

Hello  ,
I discovered a tutorial about 3 D Alphas or elements, not only that they looks like 3 D , they also looks kind of yummi. Yes really you will see !
So lets start:
1.       Open a new document, size about 2560x1440 and transparent .This  will be our sample document.
2.       Create a new layer . Normally I don´ t give names to my layers, but this may end up in a mess. So feel free to give your layer another name.

3.       Grab your elliptical marquee tool
hold on the SHIFT key and drag out a circle. The size doesn´t  matter. But not too big
4.       Grab the gradient tool

 click in the color line and the gradient editor opens.
 The last used gradient will shown. But we make our own. We just need 2 colors, so if your gradient has
more colors , like mine in the sample, delete the other color stops, by clicking on them and press delete. Delete all stops beside  the first and the last. Make white on the left color stop and pink on the right.
5.       Go to your circle and draw a line from the top to the bottom.
CTRL or CMD D to deselect
6.       Create a new layer and we make another one, same steps like before(4-5). Choose your own color you want to make and you can change the gradient from linear to radial. Try it ! And by the way I renamed the layers with the round circles and have  named them after the colors.
7.       Go to the mixer brush tool 
n the top change to :
Clean brush
Dry, heavy load
Wet 0 %, load 100 %
Make sure “sample all layers “ is checked
Choose a brush, hardness 100%, the brush size depends on your size of the circles. It has to cover the circle.

8.       Hover over the circle hold  ALT/Opt and left mouse click. Now we have sampled the pink circle.
9.       Just to show you what we have done, paint somewhere on the layer (we will undo this step).
Cool isn´ t it?

Now lets make an alpha
1.       Go to your type tool and write one letter. Make it big 
2.       Right click on the type layer and choose “Create work path”
3.       Go to path
double click on the path layer and name it “the letter you have choosen”
4.       Go back to the layers panel and delete the type layer. Now we have only the path
5.       Create a new layer and rename it with your letter

6.       Go to your mixer brush tool (see No 7 above).  Hover over one of the circles ALT/OPT and click. Make the brush a little bit smaller. Open the brush panel. Make sure nothing is checked and spacing is 1 %. BUT you can always play with these settings too and you will find some nice effects. But for now nothing checked, spacing 1 %.
7.       Go again to path, right click on the layer and choose stroke path.
Choose “Mixer brush tool”
8.       So you should now have a 3 D Alpha. Depend on what font you used and how big was your brush it looks good or not so.
9.       I tried it again with another Font and a smaller brush.
If you have a letter with much anchor points and it looks weird you can easily delete some of them. I will show it to you with the letter B
You can see B has a lot of these anchor points. Lets try how it will turns out.
Go to path, right click and stroke path. Choose mixer brush tool.
Not so nice. 
You can now go back to mixer brush tool and resize the brush but I want to show you another option to delete some of the anchor points.

Grab your direct selection tool. Left mouse click and drag over those anchor points you want to delete. And click your delete key.
Again go to path , right click, stroke path, mixer brush tool

Much better

So now lets make a layout with this . I used the electric youth:  http://bit.ly/2tUwwLC
First I loaded the electric youth color styles https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Electric-Youth-PT-free.html (they are free by the way) to have the exact colors for my letter.
1.       Open a new document for your sample circle. On this document I make also 4 rectangles. Grab your rectangle tool and drag 4 small rectangles. Don´t worry about the size or symmetrie. They are just a  sample for the color picker.
  Go to your styles, select the first rectangle and choose a color. Go on with the other rectangles.
2.       Create a new layer.  Grab your elliptical marquee tool, No 3 in the tutorial
3.       Fill it with the gradient tool, No 4 - 5. At the gradient editor you can now choose the exact color from the kits by clicking on your rectangles.
4.       Go to your mixer brush tool No 7 – 8 and sample this circle
5.       Open a paper of your choice.
Important ! before you type your letter hide the background paper by clicking the eyeball. If you don´t do this your letter will have a line around in the color of your background.
6.       Go to your type tool  and do all the steps from the Tutorial shown above.
7.       In my example I used the word brushes and the word electric. Deleted the E and made an E with our technique.
8.       Now you can start creating your page 
And this is my resulst made with a pic from IngImage


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